"Party of Three"

"Party of Three"


40" x 30"

Oil on Linen

As I considered this painting, I chose to paint two figures in a scene that was a bit ambiguous.  The interior and setting were designed to create an intimate space for the two women whose expressions, attitudes, and clothing were extremely different and yet, I wanted to portray a connection between the two.  Why the iguana?  The iguana is meant to be an unexpected element for you as the viewer to enjoy.  As a whole, the painting is held together by all of these elements and they are a narration of its story.

As for the story, it goes like this…two women are in a room and one is not sure what was meant by the other that morning.  She wishes to leave but is hesitant, not sure if she should.  The other holds on to her thoughts and pays little attention to her.  Her attitude is aloof as she holds her pet iguana loosely.  What was said this morning was said and there is slight tension in the air…..

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